Beyond the Blues: overcome depression

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a workbook to help teens overcome depression, deal with your sad and difficult feelings, be more assertive, make new friends, and get help when yiu need it.

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Beyond the Blues workbook is specifically designed to assist teenagers in overcoming depression and navigating through the challenges of sadness and difficult emotions. It provides practical tools and techniques to empower teens to regain control over their emotional well-being. With a focus on helping teens deal with their sad and difficult feelings, this workbook offers exercises and activities to identify and process emotions effectively. It also emphasizes the importance of assertiveness, providing guidance on effective communication skills to build confidence and self-esteem. Additionally, it offers strategies for making new friends and encourages seeking help when needed by providing information on various sources of support. Overall, this workbook equips teens with the necessary skills to overcome depression and improve their mental well-being.

I translated this book in 2015 for Persian-speaking teenagers in Iran. I believe that due to various social and political reasons, these teenagers are unable to access quality psychological services.

Original book title in English: Beyond the Blues; a workbook to help teens overcome depression
Author: Liza M. Schab
A Division of New Harbinger Publications, Inc.
Publicated in: 2008


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