the Bullying workbook for teens

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Activities to help you deal with social aggression and syberbullying, lear antibullying tips and strategies, manage emotions that bring you down, and build self-esteem and confidence.

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In addition to addressing depression and difficult emotions, this workbook also provides activities and guidance to help teenagers navigate the challenges of social aggression and cyberbullying. It offers valuable tips and strategies to effectively deal with bullying situations, empowering teens to assertively stand up for themselves and others. Moreover, it focuses on managing emotions that often bring individuals down, offering practical exercises to identify and process these emotions in a healthy way. By building self-esteem and confidence, this workbook equips teens with the tools to overcome the negative effects of bullying and develop a strong sense of self-worth. Through these activities, teenagers can learn to navigate social challenges with resilience and empower themselves to create a positive and supportive environment.

I translated this book in 2015 for Persian-speaking teenagers in Iran. I believe that due to various social and political reasons, these teenagers are unable to access quality psychological services.

Original book title in English: the Bullying; Workbook for teens activities to help you deal with social aggression and cyberbullying
Author: Raychelle Cassada Lohmann; Julia V. Taylor
New Harbinger Publications, Inc.
Publicated in: 2013


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