Systemic Balancing and Anxiety Reduction

published in 2017

In 2015, I published my first book, “Systemic Balancing for Anxiety Reduction” in persian. Systemic Balancing (SB) is a novel mathematical framework which may help psychotherapists to help their clients. I have named my new theory, H-theory, and SB framework is a practical framework based on H-theory. After 2 years of clinical practices, teaching to psychology students and doing some researches, the 2nd edition of the book is prepared in English. You can reach some more details about H-theory and SB framework, on

Unfortunately, because of some political problems in my country (Iran), and a financial difficulty, I couldn’t publish the book internationally. And good new is that finally, I decided to publish the book in free, so you can easily download it, from its especial website, I warmly invite you to visit the website and please let me know your comments on the book, and SB techniques. SB techniques are fully included in the book and all of audio files will be freely available on, as quickly as possible.