Please feel free to contact me, if you need further information about my books, Systemic Balancing Approach, and techniques, making a therapy session appointment for a teen, have a relaxing time for speaking about our research interests, and so on. You can find below all of my contact information:

My brief online CV is available on Linkedin. Please click here, actually just for some highlights.

And click here for my Twitter account, Again I’m not so active there.

Also, I’m not active on Facebook, so adding the link wouldn’t be useful at all. Anyways, if you are interested in some more personal information, you can skim my account of the Instagram page via this link.

If you are keen on brain researches, especially about information networks, brain information paths, and Deep Learning, having some discussion would be a great pleasure. So please send me a message on my telegram:

Telegram ID: @ saeidehmohseninezhad

Finally, this is my email address, easier and useful way to contact with: mohsenisaeideh @ Gmail .com