About me

Saeideh Mohseni-Nezhad, 2018, Italy

I am a big fan of nature. I think nature is great.  Just imagine a bright day, being of the river where birds are singing. Fantastic! But that is not me.

As a teacher, I work at high school and teach physics and mathematics. Also, I’m a psychotherapist and help teens to make their minds organized, to have a well-organized life. And again, being a teacher or a therapist is not me.

All days I read and work and think and try to understand the human brain. Trying to be a deeper person, although researching about brain is a big part of my life, being a researcher is not me.

So, what am I? What is my identity? Am I my favorite subjects? Am I a person who love her jobs? Or maybe I’m an individual who tries to be a successful researcher.

This is the more challenging question in most scientists’ mind: How we develop our identity?

As a researcher, unfortunately, I can’t answer above question. But if you need a real answer as well, I can just say that I’m a person who severely exploring who is she, and how can make identity for herself, in her brain.

And for more educational and scientific details, please download my detailed CV, here.